Faithfulness & Graduation

Just recently, Rhett and I graduated from Ozark Christian College. This was such a day of joy and celebration after years of hard work! Leaving friends behind is always tough, but I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness as I walked across that stage. Throughout the weekend, I was reminded time and time again of Jesus’ faithfulness. Walking with Him in the moment can sometimes (if you’re anything like me) be accompanied with fear and worry the minute I take my eyes off of His presence. But looking back, His faithfulness is always so evident.

As a junior in high school, I had to experience something most teenagers would hate to have happen. My family moved halfway across the country from Charlotte, NC to Evansville, IN. While I was happy to experience a fresh start, I was also afraid to have my entire life dismantled and rebuilt. However, God has showed me time and time again that this was the best thing for me. If my family had never moved to Evansville, I never would have gone to Ozark. If I hadn’t gone to Ozark, I wouldn’t have met my husband or countless other dear friends. I wouldn’t have a degree in a field I am immensely passionate about or gotten summer opportunities that took me from Yellowstone National Park to Tulsa, Oklahoma. So many incredible things have come out from a difficult transition I experienced as a sixteen year old. I am grateful.

Because of the move, I never felt too closely attached to my high school graduating class in Indiana. When I woke up the morning of graduation, the last thing I wanted to do was spend the day out in the sun, surrounded by lots of people I barely knew. Thankfully, my parents allowed me to choose to not walk, and I spent the day with family instead. As I was trying to make the decision, I told my mom that while this graduation didn’t hold much meaning for me, I knew my college graduation would. Never had I imagined then that I would be graduating with a different last name, so many wonderful memories and countless dear friends.

All that to say that graduating from Ozark Christian College was pretty special for me. Spending time with both of my families together is always a blast, and last Saturday was no exception. One of my best friends even surprised a few of us by flying from New Jersey to celebrate with us! I feel so grateful for all that Ozark is and was for me, and for the opportunity I had to walk across that stage. I am thankful for each of you that supported and prayed for us over these past four years.

I enjoy taking time to reflect on the past and praise the Lord for his goodness. But it’s also thrilling to consider the future! Tomorrow, Rhett and I will be flying out of Nashville to spend a week in Merrimack! This will be our first time visiting the town that we’ll soon call home and meeting lots of people that will soon be friends. We’re really, really excited. We’ve still got some packing to do, but mostly we’re just enjoying our day before we say “bye” to my family here for a while.

Thinking about moving far away from our homes, depending on the Lord to provide for us financially through friends and family and settling into a new town and culture comes with its own set of worries. But ultimately, I am glad to be able to trust in a God who has proved His faithfulness to me time and time again. I can rest, knowing that years from now I’ll be able to look back and see how He has moved.

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“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23











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