Go North, Young Man! 

As I sit down to write this, days later, we are still recovering from one of the most incredible weeks of our lives. Elisa and I had the chance to fly out to New England andIMG_1186 get to know the people and the place that will so soon be our family and our home, and in so many ways already is.

We touched down in Boston at 1:30 A.M. on Thursday morning and from that moment on we were launched into a whirlwind week full of new experiences, faces, names, sights, tastes and joys. Being a mid-west boy who was born, raised, and educated in cities within 2 hours of each other, I discovered so many wonderful things while in the northeast. I learned that shrimp have legs, that they are sometimes served with legs, and that I should be excited about that. I learned that it’s “Dunkin” Donuts, and there isn’t a billionaire breakfast tycoon named Duncan. And I learned that they call sprinkles “Jimmys” but they taste the same when sprinkled (or jimmied?) on my ice cream.

Of all of the different new things I learned and experienced this last week, there were some very important things that were the same as what I’ve grown up surrounded by. I was able to gather with my new friends and worship the very same God that I worshiped in Missouri and Oklahoma. God loves the people in New England with the same powerful, amazing, redeeming love that I have seen my whole life. I saw the Holy Spirit move with It’s same unspeakable power and beauty as I have seen in my childhood, and the truth that Jesus Christ came to earth to redeem and restore every soul back to relationship with Him still stands. Jesus is desperately, head-over-heels in love with the people of New England, and I was so blessed to meet a wonderful, loving, welcoming, crazy group of people who love Him right back, and who long to see all of New England come to know Jesus like they have.

Throughout the entire world, God is moving closer to His people and inviting them to move closer to Him. I am truly humbled that I might spend my life moving closer to God and others as He continues to bring His lost children home to Himself.

All praise be to our God who moves.

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