How Did We Get Here?

If you’re reading this, let me first say “Thank you!” for checking out or following along with our blog about God’s big plans and our little selves. We are so excited for what the next chapter in our lives has in store for us. But before we look ahead, I’d like to look back and answer one question in particular; how did we get here?

This story begins early last April, when our thoughts were far from post graduation plans and even further from New England. It was the time of the semester where there is a bit of a lull before major papers and finals start coming due. I had taken advantage of the slow pace by deciding to take a day trip to see a St. Louis Cardinals game with a group of friends and professors.

You see, while many graduating seniors were scrambling to secure future plans, Elisa and I were confident in our choice to move to Indiana. Elisa had been offered a perfect job and we were looking forward to being closer to family. While we were still waiting on a few things to fall into place, we felt so secure that we had just turned in 30 day notices to both of our jobs and our landlord. Just as I was about to leave for St.Louis, I got a call from Elisa, and suddenly we knew our plans were needing to be reevaluated, if not completely changed.

I was only able to have a short conversation with Elisa before climbing in a 12 passenger van and spending a long day of both nervous prayer and confusion juxtaposed against the experience of my first MLB game with a great set of friends. I arrived home very late that night and because of our busy work and class schedules, we were only able to come to the conclusion that we had no idea where we’d be living in six weeks and that the odds of us both finding opportunities in our fields of ministry were basically zero. We felt stuck.

Just two days after things changed for us, I had to leave home with CIY’s traveling conference “Believe.” We still felt completely helpless. What was God doing? Didn’t He know that His timing couldn’t have been worse? Is He somehow punishing us by making us go through the stress of yet another job search? These thoughts swirled in our heads as I left, but we knew that the only place we could turn, and the only we place we really should ever turn, was to the Lord. So we spent the next few days fasting and praying for God to move. Spoiler alert: He did.

After two days out on the road, working long hours and blasting my resume out to the four corners of the map, I was the antitheses of “calm, cool, and collected.” I took a second between conference sessions to look at Facebook, a constant relief to those seeking distraction. When I pulled it up, I had a message from an old friend and role model, Josh Adsit, wanting to catch up.

I told him a bit about what had happened and he was FLOORED. You see, Josh and the staff at Movement Christian Church were praying for God to send them people to join them in what He is doing in Merrimack. We soon set up a time to talk about possibly moving to New Hampshire and joining Movement as residents.

When we sat down to talk, they told us about how Movement had gone from a core group of around 50 to over 250 people! They asked us what our dream roles would be. I told them that I’d want to be jack-of-all-trades minister, with the chance to work as a supporting minister in the creative arts, youth, and teaching ministries. Elisa said that she would want to work to help connect the church with local nonprofits to meet the needs of the community. They were elated. The church was in need of another hand on deck to support the three ministers, and they were dreaming of ways to make missional living a part of the church’s DNA. We were a PERFECT fit!

During that call we also figured out that the SAME DAY that God changed our plans was the day that the team at Movement started praying for Him to send them fellow workers! While we were worried that we had no plan, God was placing us EXACTLY where we were supposed to be! This has been affirmed time and time again, through our trip to New England and many conversations with friends, family and the staff and members of Movement Christian Church.

Now that you know how we got here, I’m so excited to be able to continue sharing this journey with you as we move into the future! So many of you have reached out to us with encouraging words about our site and our upcoming move. It has been an honor for us to express ourselves and tell our story in writing. Elisa and I are both so grateful for you and for this season.

2 thoughts on “How Did We Get Here?

  1. This is what I’m looking for, but you’ll have to tell me how I go about helping you financially. As of July 1, I will have fulfilled a pledge in excess of my regular giving and so it’s an ideal time to get connected to you.
    Betty DuBose


    1. Hi! We would love to help you do that! We’ve got a letter coming your way soon, and there’s also information at If you click the link to join our team, that’ll allow you to sign up to join our official partnership team, and if you click the link to give, it’ll take you to Restoration House’s site that will allow you to give financially. There’s also some more directions on that page. Thank you so much! We are so, so grateful for you!!!


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