A lil’ Update

Hi friends!

This summer has absolutely flown by for us. We’ve tried to make the most of every single warm second imaginable, and I think we’ve been pretty successful. Between beach baptisms (there’s another one planned for Sunday!), three weeks of camp and visits from friends and family, our summer has been full and so good.

We wanted to take some time to update you on our lives. Ministry in New England is both very familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. As I write this in one of our Next Gen rooms at Movement, the sounds of music blaring and people preparing for Messy Night tonight are floating through the window. Messy Nights are something lots of churches do- but for many of the people attending tonight’s event, it’ll probably be the first time they’ve experienced anything like it. So many of our people are just now discovering what it’s like to follow Jesus. It’s humbling and completely thrilling that He somehow has chosen Rhett & I to be part of that.

With the fall quickly approaching, both soccer season and support raising have begun again. As many of you know, we’ve committed to another year here in New Hampshire. We love living here: I work two days a week at my favorite local coffee shop, and spend the rest of my time leading LOVE603: coordinating monthly organized events where we serve alongside our community, empowering others to execute their own organic events, leading a LOVE603 Coalition, overseeing our truck deployments and organizing school supplies/ diaper/ clothes/ toy drives, depending on the time of year! I also love teaching about Jesus. I get to disciple many incredible women who are so hungry to learn more about Him and the Bible.

Rhett does it all. From leading our StudentMovers ministry, to singing or playing various instruments during worship, to preaching and coaching soccer, I am blown away every day by his uncanny ability to joyfully show others what it looks like when your life is utterly devoted to the Lord. He’s amazing. Together we have led a week of camp and a week of CIY Move and we look forward to leading our small group again in the fall.

While we were at Move, one of the preachers encouraged us to have an “only God” story at least once a week. We should be living so expectantly and aware of His presence that every single week we see Him do something that only He can do. Being at Movement has given us regular “only God” stories. Only God could grow our church from 70 to 350. Only God could make an additional service on a Monday night effectively reach a new population of people. Only God could move so powerfully in the lives of our friends- friends like Rebecca and Jordan, Ben, Vicki, and so many more. Only God can work in such a way that our students are making decisions to be baptized. Only God could have provided for us financially time and time again, both as a couple and as a church.

We know it’s only God who makes movement happen, but somehow He lets us be part of His Kingdom work. Would you consider joining us as we gear up for another year here in New England? If you’d like to commit to being part of the family here, through prayer or a financial gift, please click the link below. We can’t do this without God, and we can’t do this without you. Thank you!


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