Holy Day

Monday wasn’t just a holiday- Labor Day- it was a holy day. Rhett and I spent it with our Movement family serving some of our neighbors at the Rescue Mission in downtown Nashua as our September LOVE603 event. We boiled potatoes, peeled eggs for “angeled eggs,” set up tables, grilled chicken, burgers and hotdogs and eventually gave away popsicles to about 200 people who showed up for the cookout. We had the chance to sit and talk and laugh and play corn hole and eat with our sweet neighbors. It was special; it was holy.

To be holy means to be set apart. God is perfectly holy. He’s completely set apart from anything evil. As Christians, we’re called to be holy just like Him. It can be a churchy word used to accuse people of not following the right rules, but the reality is that holiness is a gift we’re given when we say yes to following Jesus. We shouldn’t have to work to be holy, we just need our lives to agree with what God says about them.

In 2 Timothy, a book of the Bible written by Paul to a younger friend he was mentoring, it says He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time. Our calling to holiness is a gift and a grace.

Sometimes, it can feel like living a holy life is a whole lot of saying no. In some ways, it is. It’s saying no to selfishness so we can say yes to serving others. It’s saying no to judgment so we can say yes to love. It’s saying no to filling our time with things that bring emptiness so we can say yes to creating space for Jesus, who brings peace and healing. It’s saying no to things that aren’t very good for us so we can mightily say yes to things that are best for us. I want to say a whole lot of yes to Jesus.

When we say yes, we get to experience moments like yesterday. Moments where heaven meets earth for a little while, and we get a glimpse of the glory and the Love found in Christ. We each have these opportunities all the time. Every single day we come across people who could use a little hope. Let’s be holy and say yes to generously giving this life all we’ve got.

Click here and enter love603 as the password to get a glimpse of what this holy day looked like!

We’re praying for you and we are with you! Thanks for being with us.

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