2019; a Year of Wonder

Some of you might remember that last year, my word for the year was abounding or abundance. If you didn’t get a chance to read my post about it, click here! I wanted my life to reflect God’s abundant love for me and for all of creation. While I don’t know that I’ll ever have that entirely figured out, I do know that last year I was able to experience God’s abundant grace in so many ways, from healing for myself and my family to a surprise (most expenses paid!) trip to Paris with my mama and aunt in December. Last year showed me that God doesn’t just meet our needs; He often goes above and beyond to remind us how loved we are.

This year, my word is wonder. My desire is that I once again capture the wonder that comes so easily to children but is easy to lose out on as life and bills and phones and jobs compete for our attention. As a little girl, I would spend hours playing make believe, imagining different worlds and creating fascinating stories. When I thought about God, I didn’t understand penal substitutionary atonement or theological anthropology but I was endlessly fascinated with His Word and His character. Studying theology is a beautiful and good practice but my desire is that it would lead me toward greater wonder of God, not away from it as I falsely determine I’ve got Him all figured out.

I also want to be the type of woman who expects to see wonders. I want to be wildly expectant that God is and will move on our behalf. I have seen Him change lives, my own included, and show up in marvelous ways time and time again yet I so often believe that I’m the one who needs control (Enneagram 8 speaking? Maybe)! I long to cultivate the world-shaking belief that I serve a God of wonders, who is capable of bringing life out of death and is powerfully MOVING all around me.

Psalm 105:5 echoes 1 Chronicles 16:12 in commanding us to remember the wonders that God has done. He chose a people for Himself, He rescued them out of Egypt, He revealed Himself and His good will to them through the Law. At just the right time, He sent His Son to them so that all of us (that’s me and you!) could understand Him more fully as He walked among us, bringing healing and salvation to those who needed it most. He died for us and then raised to life, proving that He is who He claims to be, so that we might know Him and have a relationships with Him. These are wonders; this is wonderful.

He’s done countless wonders in my own life; from moving me across the country several times, bringing me right where I most needed to be, to shaking my hard heart out of apathy and unbelief. He has softened me and shaped me into who I am and He continues to do so everyday; I continue to need Him to do so everyday. He has provided for my every need and given me incredible opportunities to serve Him from Yellowstone National Park to inner city Tulsa to New England. He is the giver of life, the creator of love and the one who shapes mountaintops and beaches and the snow that’s falling this very morning. He is a God of wonders.

Mark 9 tells us that when people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him. May 2019 be so overwhelming with wonder that all we can do is run toward Jesus.


Do you have a word of the year? Is this something you’ve done before? Let me know!

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