Hey there!

Welcome to RE-venturing. As many of you know, we just graduated from Ozark Christian College and set out for the summer! This summer, we’re traveling quite a bit before moving to Merrimack, New Hampshire in the fall.

This documents a significant change for the both of us. Rhett has never lived more than an hour or two from Tulsa, OK, and while I’ve lived in more places than is easy to list off, it’s been years since I’ve been in New England. This move also marks a transition to post-grad life. Gone are the long nights of homework (for now, at least)!

We are so thrilled and overjoyed to experience all that these next few months and years are sure to hold. We would love, love, love to have you follow along with us as we venture out across the country. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your willingness to come along with us.