Airport Thoughts

Hi friends!

Right now, we are sitting in a crowded airport terminal in Nashville, waiting for our flight to Boston. By the time you’re reading this, we should be in Merrimack! We’ll be there for the next few days to see the town we’ll be living in come fall, spend time with the staff of Movement and begin to get to know the church. Rhett is playing bass in the worship band Sunday and I am looking forward to meeting the church community.

Today we were able to explore Nashville a bit with one of my very closest and dearest friends. I’ve known Elizabeth since I was eight years old, and while we’ve only ever lived in the same town for about six months, we’ve stayed very close over the years. I was there for her high school graduation and she was in our wedding. In a perfect world, everyone would have a friend like Elizabeth; a friend who always knows just how to encourage you, who remembers your awkward phases and the seasons when the Lord felt far away and who has walked with you through many of the joys and trials life has to offer.

We went to not one, not two, but three coffee shops, so I’m feeling just a little caffeinated right now (a perfect way to feel before hopping on a plane, right??) In the midst of enjoying unique espressos, such as coffee soda infused with orange peel, we were able to share our hearts with one another, trade stories and encourage each other toward Jesus.

She had recently attended a seminar about fear, so she had some wise words to share. She reminded me that while control often seems like the safest option, it is actually a betrayal of trust. We fail to trust in God, and instead choose to tightly grip to our own plans. We might then feel “over-responsible” for our lives the lives of those around us as we do our best to make sure nothing ever catches us off guard. This leads to a life of fear, anxiety and depression. However, as children of the Lord, we are called to deep trust in a God who always provides for us.

She also gave us some locally made, gluten free granola from Chattanooga and a sweet card to celebrate our graduation. In it, she wrote out Matthew 6:26 in the Message version, which says “Look at the birds, free and unfettered… careless in the care of God. And you count for more to Him than birds!” This verse is exactly what I need as we begin our visit to New Hampshire. While there is still so much unknown, in my life and probably yours too, we get to be careless and free in Jesus’ love.

Today, I extend this prayer to you. I pray that you, friend, would be able to trust deeply in the Lord, no matter what season you’re experiencing right now. I pray that today or tonight or this morning, whenever you read this, you would find space to rest in God’s incredible love.

Please pray for us as we travel and meet people and explore this week! We can’t wait to share our stories with you all.



Faithfulness & Graduation

Just recently, Rhett and I graduated from Ozark Christian College. This was such a day of joy and celebration after years of hard work! Leaving friends behind is always tough, but I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness as I walked across that stage. Throughout the weekend, I was reminded time and time again of Jesus’ faithfulness. Walking with Him in the moment can sometimes (if you’re anything like me) be accompanied with fear and worry the minute I take my eyes off of His presence. But looking back, His faithfulness is always so evident.

As a junior in high school, I had to experience something most teenagers would hate to have happen. My family moved halfway across the country from Charlotte, NC to Evansville, IN. While I was happy to experience a fresh start, I was also afraid to have my entire life dismantled and rebuilt. However, God has showed me time and time again that this was the best thing for me. If my family had never moved to Evansville, I never would have gone to Ozark. If I hadn’t gone to Ozark, I wouldn’t have met my husband or countless other dear friends. I wouldn’t have a degree in a field I am immensely passionate about or gotten summer opportunities that took me from Yellowstone National Park to Tulsa, Oklahoma. So many incredible things have come out from a difficult transition I experienced as a sixteen year old. I am grateful.

Because of the move, I never felt too closely attached to my high school graduating class in Indiana. When I woke up the morning of graduation, the last thing I wanted to do was spend the day out in the sun, surrounded by lots of people I barely knew. Thankfully, my parents allowed me to choose to not walk, and I spent the day with family instead. As I was trying to make the decision, I told my mom that while this graduation didn’t hold much meaning for me, I knew my college graduation would. Never had I imagined then that I would be graduating with a different last name, so many wonderful memories and countless dear friends.

All that to say that graduating from Ozark Christian College was pretty special for me. Spending time with both of my families together is always a blast, and last Saturday was no exception. One of my best friends even surprised a few of us by flying from New Jersey to celebrate with us! I feel so grateful for all that Ozark is and was for me, and for the opportunity I had to walk across that stage. I am thankful for each of you that supported and prayed for us over these past four years.

I enjoy taking time to reflect on the past and praise the Lord for his goodness. But it’s also thrilling to consider the future! Tomorrow, Rhett and I will be flying out of Nashville to spend a week in Merrimack! This will be our first time visiting the town that we’ll soon call home and meeting lots of people that will soon be friends. We’re really, really excited. We’ve still got some packing to do, but mostly we’re just enjoying our day before we say “bye” to my family here for a while.

Thinking about moving far away from our homes, depending on the Lord to provide for us financially through friends and family and settling into a new town and culture comes with its own set of worries. But ultimately, I am glad to be able to trust in a God who has proved His faithfulness to me time and time again. I can rest, knowing that years from now I’ll be able to look back and see how He has moved.

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“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23











What are we doing?

In just a few short months, the Johnson fam (Rhett & Elisa) will load up a truck and move far, far away. We are going to New England; to Merrimack, New Hampshire, to be exact. We’ll be residents for a young church plant reaching lots and lots of people who don’t know Jesus. We’re lucky in that both of us have opportunities to work in our areas of passion as we serve New Englanders.

Movement Christian  Church opened it’s doors on December 31st, 2016, just a few months ago. Starting out with about 40 members, they have since grown to around 250! This was their projected attendance THREE YEARS from now, but Jesus has had some pretty big things in store for them. The heartbeat of Movement is to move people closer to God and to others. This is definitely something we can get behind.

In these past few months, Movement has shared the Gospel with, loved and encouraged countless people. They’re allowing people to utilize their building to make a difference in the community. They are baptizing people and reintroducing them to a God who has never abandoned or stopped pursuing them.

While there, Rhett will be working alongside the Next Generation team, specifically with high schoolers. He also has the chance to grow as a worship leader, preacher and teacher. He will also be able to help coach the local middle school soccer team!

Elisa will be working to create a culture of justice within the church. She will be organizing opportunities to serve, strengthening relationships with para-church organizations and helping foster community engagement through Movement’s small groups.

With Rhett’s passion for youth and worship and Elisa’s heart for justice, this is a truly unique opportunity that will allow us both to explore and grow in the gifts God has given us. While there, we will both be working to develop relationships, make disciples and become a part of the Merrimack community.

This is not something we can do alone. So many of you have prayed for and supported us throughout our lives, and now we’re inviting you on this venture with us again.  Please follow along, explore our site and join us in this journey!